AJP Logistics

AJP Logistics is a Supply Chain Consulting firm that specializes in improving Operating Efficiency, Productivity Improvement, WM Systems, Automation and Space Optimization. We have over 20 years experience at some of the top companies in the US and have a track record of success that has transformed Wine & Spirits distribution. To discuss how we... Continue Reading →

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Supply Chain Systems

We have experience in the following Supply Chain Systems; WMS (Manhattan, SAP, Epicor, Accpac) Voice Pick systems (Lucas) Transportation Management Systems (Roadnet, Mobilecast) Business Intelligence/Dashboards (SAP, Tableau, SAS)

Facility Planning

There are several ways to reduce facility costs and optimize your existing Distribution centers; Space Planning - design/layout DC to ensure optimal use of warehouse space Inventory optimization- minimize the inventory on hand through effective Material Requirements Planning Slotting Optimization - identify fast, medium and slow movers by pick frequency and velocity to reduce travel... Continue Reading →


Bacardi is one of the premier manufacturers of spirits in the world, but they were having Operational issues after implementing SAP, so we assisted with the following projects; Implement KPIs - to identify opportunities for improvement Improve inventory turnover-We reviewed configurations and corrected reorder points and safety stock levels. Improved order fill rate-Some of the... Continue Reading →

Dosal Tobacco

We assisted a local manufacturer with SAP MRP and WM development. We completed the Design, Development, QA and Training at considerably more competitive rates than SAP. We conducted a pilot in Tampa which resulted in; Improved driver utilization Improved inventory turnover Improved customer service

The Supply Source

TSS was acquired by ACM Capital Partners and we were hired to improve Supply Chain efficiency and implement the Wireless Warehouse Management System from Epicor.  In 2 months, we implemented the WMS and significantly improved; Productivity Inventory Accuracy Shipping accuracy and timeliness Purchasing Inventory Turnover We also completed the following; Corrected a Purchasing issue which resulted... Continue Reading →


Republic National Distributing is one of the largest distributors of Wine & Spirits in the US. Republic had merged with National and we helped improve Supply Chain performance by leading the following projects; Atlanta DC automation - install automated sortation system from Dematic, high bay racking and robotic picking system WMS - ROI analysis and... Continue Reading →


DFASS (Duty Free Air Ship Supply) had expanded rapidly and was experiencing problems with shipping accuracy and timeliness, and high distribution costs.  We redesigned their warehouses to accommodate 20% more product (saving $1M/yr) and implemented a wireless warehouse management system to improve shipping accuracy and timeless. This resulted in significant improvements and continued growth.

Southern Wine & Spirits

SWS is the leading Distributor of Wine & Spirits in the US. We were able to significantly improve capacity, productivity and quality through the following accomplishments; Assisted with growing Distribution from 5 to 29 states (shipping over 80 million cases/year) including M&A in IL, NY, NM, CO, KY, WA Automated 12 facilities with state of the... Continue Reading →

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