Southern Wine & Spirits

SWS is the leading Distributor of Wine & Spirits in the US. We were able to significantly improve capacity, productivity and quality through the following accomplishments;

  1. Assisted with growing Distribution from 5 to 29 states (shipping over 80 million cases/year) including M&A in IL, NY, NM, CO, KY, WA
  2. Automated 12 facilities with state of the art sortation systems which increased the shipping capacity from 3000 cases/hour to over 10,000.
  3. Developed 7 New Industry Leading Distribution Facilities from 300k to 650k SQFT
  4. Implemented Manhattan WMS in 8 Distribution centers
  5. Implemented Lucasware Voice Picking system for bottle picking in 12 DC’s
  6. Implemented Roadnet/Mobilecast Driver tracking system for over 1100 trucks
  7. Completed ASRS feasibility study. The system was later implemented in Northern California

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